Bài tập Phát âm tiếng anh nâng cao – Unit 12: Hậu tố và dấu nhấn từ (2)


12.1 You will hear some short definitions. After each definition press ‘pause’, choose from the box and write the word that it relates to. When you press ‘play’ again you will hear the correct answer. Repeat it and then continue in the same way.

cooperative     allergic     photographic     editorial     familiarity

prosecution     hostility     impulsive     speculation

EXAMPLE: Having an allergy => allergic

One of the words in the box above is an exception to the rule given at the beginning of A opposite. Which is it?

12.2 Write the words from the box in the correct column according to the pronunciation of -tion, -sion, or -ssion.

accommodation     celebration     combustion     comprehension

congestion     depression     digestion     erosion     exhaustion

explosion     expression     invasion     revision     suspension

/t∫ən/ (e.g. suggestion)

/∫ən/ (e.g. education)

/ʒən/ (e.g. decision)






Now listen and check your answers. Then say the words aloud.

12.3 Underline the syllable which you think has the main stress in the following words.

resident     performance     defiant     convergence     reference

excellence     correspondent     assistant     maintenance     applicant

coincidence     informant     acceptance     insistence     significance

Now listen and check your answers. Then say the words aloud.
One of these words is an exception to the rules in B opposite. Which is it?

12.4 Decide whether the words in exercise 12.3 have the same stress pattern as their root word (write S) or a different stress pattern (write D).

EXAMPLES resident (D) (‘resident — re’side)

performance (S) (per’formance — per’form)

Now listen to the root words and check your answers.

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