Đáp án Bài tập Phát âm tiếng anh nâng cao – Unit 9: Cụm phụ âm ở giữa từ

English Consonant Clusters Practice - Record & Listen


When I started playing badminton, I was sixty and I hadn’t done any strenuous (/ˈstrenjuəs /) exercise (/ˈeksəsaɪz /) for almost twenty years. But after just a few months I’d won the over-fifties national championship and an international competition. My husband thinks I’m crazy and that I’ll injure myself. But ’’ve found a number of advantages in taking up a sport. I feel much healthier, and it’s important to be active at my age. And meeting new people has improved my social life. So I’ll carry on playing until I get too old.


1 //she’s a freelance translator// (no simplification)

2 // the president spoke next//                (/t/ is shortened)

3 // she wore a silk dress//          (/k/ is shortened)

4 // t looked green to me//         (/t/ is left out)

5 //it’s on the first floor//             (/t/ is left out)

6 // he speaks three languages//              (no simplification)

7 //lift your arms slowly//            (‘…s s…’ make one lengthened /s/ sound)

8 // there was a cold breeze//   (/d/ is left out)

9 // what’s that unpleasant smell//         (/t/ is left out)

10 // it’s huge//                                (no simplification)


The most likely answers are:

direct speech

general strike

golf club

lamp shade

first class

passive smoking

rock music

lost property

speech therapist

time travel

tourist trap

(/t/ is left out)

(no simplification)

(no simplification)

(no simplification)

(/t/ is left out)

(no simplification)

(/k/ is shortened)

(/t/ is left out)

(no simplification)

(no simplification)

(/t/ is left out)

Chia sẻ ngay trên các MXH sau để tạo tín hiệu tốt cho bài viết :)

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